Key to Exercises 95-98

Exercises Unit 96 Give me that book! Give it to me!Exercises Unit 95 still yet already

2  Do you still live in Clare Street?
3  Are you still a student?
4  Have you still got a motorbike? / Do you still have a motorbike?
5  Do you still go to the cinema a lot?
6  Do you still want to be a teacher?

2  He was looking for a job. He’s/He is still looking (for a job).
    He hasn’t found a job yet.
3  She was asleep.
    She’s/She is still asleep.
    She hasn’t woken up yet. / She isn’t awake yet.
   or She hasn’t got up yet. / She isn’t up yet.
4 They were having dinner. / They were eating.
   They’re/They are still having dinner. / … still eating.
    They haven’t finished (dinner) yet. / They haven’t finished eating yet.

2  Is Helen here yet? or Has Helen arrived/come yet?
3  Have you got your (exam) results yet? / Have you had your … / Have you received your …
4  Have you decided where to go yet? / Do you know where you’re going yet?

3  She’s/She has already gone/left.
4  I’ve already got one. / I already have one.
5  I’ve/I have already paid (it).
6  he already knows.

Exercises Unit 96 Give me that book! Give it to me!

2  He gave it to Gary.
3  He gave them to Sarah.
4  He gave it to his sister.
5  He gave them to Robert.
6  He gave it to a neighbour.

2  I gave Joanna a plant.
3  I gave Richard a tie.
4  I gave Emma some chocolates / a box of chocolates.
5  I gave Rachel some flowers / a bunch of flowers.
6  I gave Kevin a wallet.

2  Can you lend me an umbrella?
3  Can you give me your address?
4  Can you lend me twenty pounds?
5  Can you send me more information?
6  Can you show me the letter?

2  lend you some money
3  send the bill to me
4  buy you a present
5  pass me the sugar
6  give it to her
7  showed the policeman my identity card

Exercises Unit 97 and but or so because

3  I went to the window and (I) looked out.
4  I wanted to phone you, but I didn’t have your number.
5  I jumped into the river and (I) swam to the other side.
6  I usually drive to work, but I went by bus this morning.
7  Do you want me to come with you, or shall I wait here?

Example answers:
2  because it was raining. / because the weather was bad.
3  but it was closed.
4  so he didn’t eat anything. / so he didn’t want anything to eat.
5  because there was a lot of traffic. / because the traffic was bad.
6  Sue said goodbye, got into her car and drove off/away.

Example answers:
3  I went to the cinema, but the film wasn’t very good.
4  I went to a cafe and met some friends of mine.
5  There was a film on television, so I watched it.
6  I got up in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep.

Exercises Unit 98 When …

2  When I’m tired, I like to watch TV.
3  When I knocked on the door, there was no answer.
4  When I go on holiday, I always go to the same place.
5  When the programme ended, I turned off the TV.
6  When I got to the hotel, there were no rooms.

2  when they heard the news
3  they went to live in New Zealand
4  while they were away
5  before they came here
6  somebody broke into the house
7  they didn’t believe me

2  I finish
3  it’s
4  I’ll be … she leaves
5  stops
6  We’ll come… we’re
7  I’ll bring
8  I’m
9  it gets
10  I’ll tell …I’m

Example answers:
2  you finish your work
3  I’m going to buy a motorbike
4  you get ready
5  I won’t have much free time
6  I come back

Key to Exercises 95-98