Key to Exercises 91-94

Exercises Unit 91 enough

2  enough chairs
3  enough paint
4  enough wind

2  The car isn’t big enough.
3  His legs aren’t long enough.
4  He isn’t strong enough.

3  old enough
4  enough time
5  big enough
6  eat enough
7  enough space
8  tired enough
9  practise enough

2  sharp enough to cut
3  warm enough to go
4  enough bread to make
5  well enough to win
6  enough time to read

Exercises Unit 92 too

2  too heavy
3  too low
4  too fast
5  too big
6  too crowded

3  enough        8  enough
4  too many     9  too
5  too             10  too many
6  enough       11  too much
7  too much

3  It’s too far.
4  It’s too expensive.
5  It isn’t/ it’s not big enough.
6  It was too difficult.
7  It isn’t good enough.
8  I’m too busy.
9  It was too long.

2  too early to go to bed
3  too young to get married
4  too dangerous to go out at night
5  too late to phone Sue (now)
6  too surprised to say anything

Exersises Unit 93 A He speaks English very well. (word order 1)

3  I like this picture very much.
4  Tom started his new job last week.
5  OK
6  Jessica bought a present for her friend, or Jessica bought her friend a present.
7  I drink three cups of coffee every day.
8  OK
9  I borrowed fifty pounds from my brother.

2  I got a new phone last week.
3  Paul finished his work quickly.
4  Emily doesn’t speak French very well.
5  I did a lot of shopping yesterday.
6  Do you know London well?
7  We enjoyed the party very much.
8  I explained the problem carefully.
9  We met some friends at the airport.
10  Did you buy that jacket in England?
11  We do the same thing every day.
12  I don’t like football very much.

2  I arrived at the hotel early.
3  Julia goes to Italy every year.
4  We have lived here since 1998.
5  Sue was born in London in 1990.
6  Paul didn’t go to work yesterday.
7  Helen went to a wedding last weekend.
8  I had my breakfast in bed this morning.
9  Amy is going to university in September.
10  I saw a beautiful bird in the garden this morning.
11  My parents have been to the United States many times.
12  I left my umbrella in the restaurant last night.
13  Are you going to the cinema tomorrow evening?
14  I took the children to school this morning.

Exercises Unit 94 A B C always/usually/often etc. (word order 2)

2  He always gets up early.
3  He’s/He is never late for work.
4  He sometimes gets angry.
5  He rarely goes swimming.
6  He’s/He is usually at home in the evenings.

2  Susan is always polite.
3  I usually finish work at 5 o’clock.
4  Sarah has just started a new job.
5  I rarely go to bed before midnight.
6  The bus isn’t usually late.
7  I don’t often eat fish.
8  I will never forget what you said.
9  Have you ever lost your passport?
10  Do you still work in the same place?
11  They always stay in the same hotel.
12  Jane doesn’t usually work on Saturdays.
13  Is Tina already here?
14  What do you usually have for breakfast?
15  I can never remember his name.

2  Yes, and I also speak French.
3  Yes, and I’m also hungry.
4  Yes, and I’ve also been to Ireland.
5  Yes, and I also bought some books.

1  They both play football.
    They’re/They are both students.
    They’ve both got cars. / They both have cars.
2 They’re/They are all married.
   They were all born in England.
   They all live in New York.

Key to Exercises 91-94