Key to Exercises 88-90

Exercises Unit 88 older than … more expensive than …

3  Kate is taller than Ben.
4  Kate starts work earlier than Ben.
5  Ben works harder than Kate.
6  Ben has more money than Kate. / Ben has got more money…
7  Kate is a better driver than Ben.
8  Ben is more patient than Kate.
9  Ben is a better dancer than Kate. / Ben dances better than Kate.
10  Kate is more intelligent than Ben.
11  Kate speaks French better than Ben. / Kate speaks better French than Ben. / Kate’s French is better than Ben’s.
12  Ben goes to the cinema more than Kate. / … more often than Kate.

2  You’re older than her. / … than she is.
3  You work harder than me. / … than I do.
4  You watch TV more than him. / … than he does.
5  You’re a better cook than me. / … than I am. or You cook better than me. / … than I do.
6  You know more people than us. / … than we do.
7  You have more money than them. / … than they have.
8  You can run faster than me. / … than I can.
9  You’ve been here longer than her. / … than she has.
10  You got up earlier than them. / … than they did.
11  You were more surprised than him. / … than he was.

2  Jack’s mother is much younger than his father.
3  My camera cost a bit more than yours. / … than your camera, or My camera was a bit more expensive than …
4  I feel much better today than yesterday. / … than I did yesterday. / … than I felt yesterday.
5  It’s a bit warmer today than yesterday. / … than it was yesterday.
6  Sarah is a much better tennis player than me. / … than I am.
    or Sarah is much better at tennis than me. / … than I am.
    or Sarah plays tennis much better than me. / … than I do.

Exercises Unit 89 not as … as

2  A is longer than B, but not as long as C.
3  C is heavier than A, but not as heavy as B.
4  A is older than C, but not as old as B.
5  B has got more money than C; but not as much as A. or … but less (money) than A.
6  C works harder than A, but not as hard as B.

2  Your room isn’t as big as mine. / … as my room.
3  I didn’t get up as early as you. / … as you did.
4  They didn’t play as well as us. / … as we did.
5  You haven’t been here as long as me. / … as I have.
6  He isn’t as nervous as her. / … as she is.

2  as        6  than
3  than     7  as
4  than     8  than
5  as

2  Julia lives in the same street as Laura.
3  Julia got up at the same time as Andy.
4  Andy’s car is the same colour as Laura’s.

Exercises Unit 90 the oldest the most expensive

2  C is longer than A.
    D is the longest.
    B is the shortest.
3 D is younger than C.
   B is the youngest.
   C is the oldest.
4 D is more expensive than A.
   C is the most expensive.
   A is the cheapest.
5 A is better than C.
   A is the best.
   D is the worst.

2  the happiest day
3  the best film
4  the most popular singer
5  the worst mistake
6  the prettiest village
7  the coldest day
8  the most boring person

2 Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
Brazil is the largest country in South America.
Alaska is the largest state in the USA.
The Nile is the longest river in Africa. / … in the world.
Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.

Key to Exercises 88-90