Дополнительные упражнения 8-9

Дополнительные упражнения 8-9

9 Which is right? (Выберите правильный вариант.)

1  ‘Are you speaking / Do you speak English?’ ‘Yes, a little.’ (Do you speak  правильно)

2  Sometimes  we’re going / we go  away at weekends.
3  It’s a nice day today. The sun  is shining / shines.
4  (You meet Kate in the street.) Hello, Kate. Where  are you going / do you go?
5  How often  are you going / do you go  on holiday?
6  Emily is a writer. She’s writing / She writes  books for children.
7  I’m never reading / I never read newspapers.
8  ‘Where are Mark and Laura?’ ‘They’re watching / They watch  TV in the living room.’
9  Helen is in her office. She’s talking / She talks  to somebody.
10  What time  are you usually having / do you usually have  dinner?
11  Joe isn’t at home at the moment. He’s visiting / He visits  some friends.
12  ‘Would you like some tea?’ ‘No, thank you. I’m not drinking / I don’t drink  tea.’

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