Дополнительные упражнения 32

-ing and to … Units 51–55, Unit 105, Unit 112

32 Which is correct? (Выберите правильный вариант.)

1 Don’t forget to switch (B) off the light before you go out.
   A switch    B to switch    C switching

2 It’s late. I must ______ now.
   A go    B to go    C going

3 I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to ______ you now.
   A for talking    B to talk    C talking

4 Gary is always in the kitchen. He enjoys ______ .
   A cook    B to cook    C cooking

5 We’ve decided ______ away for a few days.
   A go    B to go    C going

6 You’re making too much noise. Can you please stop ______ ?
   A shout    B to shout    C shouting

7 Would you like ______ and eat with us on Sunday?
   A come   B to come    C coming

8 That bag is too heavy for you. Let me ______ you.
   A help    B to help    C helping

9 There’s a swimming pool near my house. I go ______ every day.
   A to swim    B to swimming    C swimming

10 I need to go shopping ______ some food.
   A to buy    B for buy    C for buying

11 I’d love ______ a car like yours.
   A have    B to have    C having

12 Could you ______ me with this bag, please?
   A help    B to help    C helping

13 I don’t mind ______ here, but I’d prefer to sit by the window.
   A sit    B to sit    C sitting

14 Do you want ______ you?
   A that I help    B me to help    C me helping

15 You should think carefully before ______ an important decision.
   A make    B to make    C making

16 I wasn’t feeling very well, but the medicine made ______ me better.
   A feel    B to feel    C feeling

17 Shall I phone ______ the restaurant a table?
   A for reserve    B for reserving    C to reserve

18 Tom looked at me without ______ anything.
   A say    B saying    C to say

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