Дополнительные упражнения 24-26

Passive Units 21–22, Appendix 1

24 Complete the sentences. (Закончите предложения.)

Дополнительные упражнения 24-26

25 Complete the sentences. (Закончите предложения.)

1 We were invited (invite) to the party, but we didn’t go.

2  The museum is very popular. Every year it ____________ (visit) by thousands of people.
3  Many buildings _____________ (damage) in the storm last week.
4  A new road is going to _____________ (build) next year.
5  ‘Where’s your jacket?’ ‘It _____________ (clean). It will be ready tomorrow.’
6  She’s famous now, but in a few years her name will _____________ (forget).
7  ‘Shall I do the washing–up?’ ‘No, it _____________ (already/do).’
8  Milk should _____________ (keep) in a fridge.
9  (you/ever/bite) _____________ by a snake?
10  My bag _____________ (steal) from my car yesterday afternoon.

26 Write a new sentence with the same meaning. (Напишите новое предложение в пассиве.)

1 Somebody has stolen my keys. My keys have been stolen.

2 Somebody stole my car last week. My car _____________
3 Somebody has eaten all the bananas. All the _____________
4 Somebody will repair the machine. The _____________
5 Somebody is watching us. We _____________
6 Somebody has to do the housework. The _____________

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