Дополнительные упражнения 15-16

Present and past Units 3–14

15 Complete the sentences. Use one of these forms. (Закончите предложения в правильном времени.)

present simple (I work/drive etc.) present continuous (I am working/driving etc.)
past simple (I worked/drove etc.) past continuous (I was working/driving etc.)

1 You can turn off the television. I’m not watching (not/watch) it.
2 Last night Jenny fell (fall) asleep while she was reading (read).

3  Listen! Somebody ___________ (play) the piano.
4  ‘Have you got my key?’ ‘No, I ___________ (give) it back to you.’
5  David is very lazy. He ___________ (not/like) hard work.
6  Where ___________ (your parents / go) for their holidays last year?
7  I ___________ (see) Laura yesterday. She ___________ (drive) her new car.
8  A: ___________ (you/watch) TV much?
    B: No, I haven’t got a TV.
9  A: What ___________ (you/do) at 6 o’clock last Sunday morning?
    B: I was in bed asleep.
10  Andy isn’t at home very much. He ___________ (go) away a lot.
11  I ___________ (try) to find a job at the moment. It’s not easy.
12  I’m tired this morning. I ___________   (not/sleep) very well last night.

Present perfect (I have done / she has been etc.)  Units 15–19

16 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the present perfect. (Посмотрите на картинки и закончите предложения в настоящем совершённом времени.)

Дополнительные упражнения 15-16 Дополнительные упражнения 15-16

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