Дополнительные упражнения 10-13

was/were and past simple (I worked / did you work? etc.) Units 10–12

10 Complete the sentences. Use one word only. (Вставьте только одно слово.)

1  I got up early and had a shower.

2  Tom was tired last night, so he ________ to bed early.
3  I ________ this key on the floor. Is it yours?
4  Kate got married when she ________ 23.
5  Helen is learning to drive. She ________ her first lesson yesterday.
6  ‘I’ve got a new job.’ ‘Yes, I know. David ________ me.’
7  ‘Where did you buy that book?’ ‘It was a present. Amy ________ it to me.’
8  We ________ hungry, so we had something to eat.
9  ‘Did you enjoy the film?’ ‘Yes, I ________ it was very good.’
10  ‘Did Andy come to your party?’ ‘No, we ________ him, but he didn’t come.’

Дополнительные упражнения 10-13
13 Put the verb in the right form: positive, negative or question. (Сделайте предложения с правильной формой глагола.)

1  It was a good party. I enjoyed it. (I / enjoy)
2  ‘Did you do the shopping?’ (you / do) ‘No, I didn’t have time.’ (I / have)

3  ‘Did you phone Adam?’ ‘No, I’m afraid ________ .’ (I / forget)
4  I like your new watch. Where ________ it? (you / get)
5  I saw Lucy at the party, but ________ to her. (I / speak)
6  A: ________ a nice weekend? (you / have)
    B: Yes, I went to stay with some friends of mine.
7  Paul wasn’t well yesterday, so ________ to work. (he / go)
8  ‘Is Mary here?’ ‘Yes, ________ five minutes ago.’ (she / arrive)
9  Where ________ before he moved here? (Robert / live)
10  The restaurant wasn’t expensive. ________ very much. (the meal / cost)

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