Дополнительные упражнения 30-31

Past, present and future Units 3–22, Units 25–28, Unit 52, Unit 54, Unit 98, Unit 105

30 Rachel is talking about her best friend, Carolyn. Put the verbs in the correct form. (Рэчел разговаривает с Кэролин. Поставьте правильное время.)

Carolyn is my best friend. I remember very well the first time
(1) __________________ (we/meet). It was our first day at secondary school,
and (2) __________________ (we/sit) next to each other for the first lesson.
(3) __________________ (we/not/know) any other students in our class,
and so (4) __________________ (we/become) friends.
We found that (5) __________________ (we/like) the same things, especially music and sport, and so
(6) __________________ (we/spend) a lot of time together.
(7) __________________ (we/leave) school five years ago, but
(8) __________________ (we/meet) as often as we can.
For the last six months Carolyn (9) __________________ (be) in Mexico
– at the moment (10) __________________ (she/work) in a school as a teaching assistant.
(11) __________________ (she/come) back to England next month,
and when (12) __________________ (she/come) back,
(13) __________________ (we/have) lots of things to talk about.
(14) __________________ (it/be) really nice to see her again.

31 Nick and his friend Jon are travelling round the world. Read the emails between Nick and his parents, and put the verbs in the correct form. (Ник и его друг путешествуют вокруг света. Прочитайте эл. письма и поставьте правильные времена.)

Dear Mum and Dad
We’re in Los Angeles, the first stop on our round-the-world trip!
(1) We arrived (we/arrive) here yesterday, and now
(2) ________________ (we/stay) at a hotel near the airport.
The flight was twelve hours, but (3) ________________ (we/enjoy) it.
(4) ________________ (we/watch) some
films and (5) ________________ (sleep) a few hours,
which is unusual for me – usually (6) ________________ (I/not/sleep) well on planes.
Today is a rest day for us and (7) ________________ (we/not/do) anything special, but tomorrow
(8) ________________ (we/go) to Hollywood
(9) ________________ (see) the film studios.
(10) ________________ (we/not/decide) yet what to do after Los Angeles.
Jon (11) ________________ (want) to drive up the coast to San Francisco, but I’d prefer
(12) ________________ (go) south to San Diego.
I hope all is well with you – (13) ________________ (I/send) you another email next week.

A month later …

Hi Mum and Dad
(18) _______________ (we/be) in California for a month now. (19) _______________ (we/get)
back to Los Angeles yesterday after (20) _______________ (see) many wonderful places.
I think the place (21) _______________ (I/like) most was Yosemite National Park –
it’s beautiful there and (22) _______________ (we/go) cycling a lot. The day before
(23) _______________ (we/leave), Jon (24) _______________ (have) an accident on his bike.
Luckily (25) _______________ (he/not/injure), but the bike (26) _______________ (damage).
(27) _______________ (we/change) our travel plans since my last message: now
(28) _______________ (we/leave) for Hawaii on Monday (not Tuesday).
(29) _______________ (we/stay) there for a week before (30) _______________ (fly)
to New Zealand. (31) _______________ (that/be) different, I’m sure!
All the best to Ellie and Jo for their exams.

Hi Nick
Have a good time in Hawaii!
Ellie and Jo (32) _______________ (finish) their exams yesterday –
(33) _______________ (I/let) you know when (34) _______________ (we/get) the results.
We’re all OK. Dad and I (35) _______________ (look) forward to our holiday next month.
(36) _______________ (we/go) to Italy for two weeks –
(37) _______________ (we/send) you an email from there.
Take care!

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