Дополнительные упражнения 29

Past, present and future Units 3–20, Units 25–28

29 Complete the sentences. (Закончите предложения.)

A: Did you go (you/go) out last night?
B: No, (I/stay) ____________ at home.
A: What (you/do) ____________ ?
B: (I/watch) ____________ TV.
A: (you/go) ____________ out tomorrow night?
B: Yes, (I/go) ____________ to the cinema.
A: Which film (you/see) ____________ ?
B: (I/not/know) ____________ . (I/not/decide) ____________ yet.

A: Are you on holiday here?
B: Yes, we are.
A: How long (you/be) ____________ here?
B: (we/arrive) ____________ yesterday.
A: And how long (you/stay) ____________ ?
B: Until the end of next week.
A: And (you/like) ____________ it here?
B: Yes, (we/have) ____________ a wonderful time.

A: (I/go) ____________ out with Chris and Steve this evening.
    (you/want) ____________ to come with us?
B: Yes, where (you/go) ____________ ?
A: To the Italian restaurant in North Street. (you/ever/eat) ____________ there?
B: Yes, (I/be) ____________ there two or three times. In fact I
    (go) ____________ there last night, but I’d love to go again!

A: (I/lose) ____________ my glasses again.
    (you/see) ____________ them?
B: (you/wear) ____________ them
     when (I/come) ____________ in.
A: Well, (I/not/wear) ____________ them now, so where are they?
B: (you/look) ____________ in the kitchen?
A: No, (I/go) ____________ and look now.

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