Дополнительные упражнения 27-28


27 Active or passive? Complete the sentences. (Актив или пассив? Закончите предложения.)

1  They are building (build) a new airport at the moment.
2  These shirts are clean now. They have been washed (wash).

3  ‘How did you fall?’ ‘Somebody ____________ (push) me.’
4  ‘How did you fall?’ ‘I ____________ (push).’
5  I can’t find my bag. Somebody ____________ (take) it!
6  My watch is broken. It ____________ (repair) at the moment.
7  Who ____________ (invent) the camera?
8  When ____________( the camera/invent)?
9  These shirts are clean now. They ____________ (wash).
10  These shirts are clean now. I ____________ (wash) them.
11  The letter was for me, so why ____________ (they/send) it to you?
12  The information will ____________ (send) to you as soon as possible.


28 Which is the best alternative? (Выберите самое подходящее по ситуации A, B или С.)

1 We’re having (B) a party next Sunday. I hope you can come.
    A  We have      B  We’re having      C  We’ll have

2 Do you know about Karen? ____________ her job. She told me last week.
   A  She leaves      B  She’s going to leave      C  She’ll leave

3 There’s a programme on TV that I want to watch. ____________ in five minutes.
   A  It starts      B  It’s starting      C  It will start

4 The weather is nice now, but I think ____________ later.
   A  it rains      B  it’s raining      C  it will rain

5 ‘What ____________ next weekend?’ ‘Nothing. I’ve got no plans.’
   A  do you do      B  are you doing      C  will you do

6 ‘When you see Tina, can you ask her to phone me?’ ‘OK,  ____________ her.’
   A  I ask      B  I’m going to ask      C  I’ll ask

7 ‘What would you like to drink, tea or coffee?’ ‘ ____________ tea, please.’
   A  I have      B  I’m going to have      C  I’ll have

8 Don’t take that magazine away. ____________ it.
   A  I read     B  I’m going to read     C  I’ll read

9 Rachel is ill, so ____________ to the party tomorrow night.
   A  she doesn’t come     B  she isn’t coming     C  she won’t come

10 I want to meet Sarah at the station. What time ____________ ?
   A  does her train arrive     B  is her train going to arrive     C  is her train arriving

11 ‘Will you be at home tomorrow evening?’ ‘No. ____________ .’
   A  I go out     B  I’m going out     C  I’ll go out

12 ‘ ____________ you tomorrow?’ ‘Yes, OK.’
   A  Do I phone     B  Am I going to phone     C  Shall I phone

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