Дополнительные упражнения 22-23

Present perfect (I have done etc.) and past simple (I did etc.)  Units 18–20

22 Write sentences about yourself. (Придумайте предложения о себе.)

1 (yesterday morning) I was late for work yesterday morning.

2  (last night)                ____________________
3  (yesterday afternoon) ____________________
4  (… days ago)            ____________________
5  (last week)               ____________________
6  (last year)                ____________________

Present, past and present perfect Units 3–20

23 Which is right? Выберите правильный вариант.

1 ‘Is Sue working? ( С )  ’ ‘No, she’s on holiday.’
   A  Does Sue work?     B  Is working Sue?     C Is Sue working?     D  Does work Sue?

2 ‘Where ?’ ‘In a village near London.’
   A  lives your uncle     B  does your uncle live     C  your uncle lives     D  does live your uncle

3 I speak Italian, but French.
   A  I speak not     B  I’m not speaking     C  I doesn’t speak     D  I don’t speak

4 ‘Where’s Tom?’ ‘ a shower at the moment.’
   A  He’s having     B  He have     C  He has     D  He has had

5 Why angry with me yesterday?
   A  were you     B  was you     C  you were     D  have you been

6 My favourite film is Cleo’s Dream. it four times.
   A  I’m seeing     B  I see     C  I was seeing     D  I’ve seen

7 I out last night. I was too tired.
   A  don’t go     B  didn’t went     C  didn’t go     D  haven’t gone

8 Tina is from Chicago. She there all her life.
   A  is living     B  has lived     C  lives     D  lived

9 My friend for me when I arrived.
   A  waited     B  has waited     C  was waiting     D  has been waiting

10 ‘How long English?’ ‘Six months.’
    A  do you learn     B  are you learning     C  you are learning     D  have you been learning

11 Paul is Canadian, but he lives in France. He has been there .
   A  for three years     B  since three years     C  three years ago     D  during three years

12 ‘What time ?’ ‘About an hour ago.’
   A  has Lisa phoned     B  Lisa has phoned     C  did Lisa phone     D  is Lisa phoning

13 What when you saw her?
   A  did Sue wear     B  was Sue wearing     C  has Sue worn     D  was wearing Sue

14 ‘Can you drive?’ ‘No, a car, but I want to learn.’
   A  I never drive     B  I’m never driving     C  I’ve never driven     D  I was never driving

15 I saw Helen at the station when I was going to work this morning, but she me.
   A  didn’t see     B  don’t see     C  hasn’t seen     D  didn’t saw

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