Дополнительные упражнения 17-19

Present perfect (I have done / she has been etc.) Units 15–19

17 Complete the sentences with 1, 2 or 3 words). (Закончите предложения. Добавьте 1, 2 или 3 слова).

1 Mark and Sarah are married. They have been married for five years.
2 David has been watching TV since 5 o’clock.

3  Joe is at work. He __________ at work since 8.30.
4  ‘Have you just arrived in London?’ ‘No, I’ve been here ______ five days.’
5  I’ve known Helen _________ we were at school together.
6  ‘My brother lives in Los Angeles.’ ‘Really? How long _________ there?’
7  George has had the same job _____ 20 years.
8  Some friends of ours are staying with us at the moment. They _________ here since Monday.

18 Complete the sentences. Write about yourself. (Закончите предложения. Напишите о себе.)

1  I’ve never ridden a horse.
2  I’ve been to London many times.

3  I’ve just ______________ .
4  I’ve ___________________ (once / twice / a few times / many times).
5  I haven’t _______________________ yet.
6  I’ve never ________________________ .
7  I’ve ___________________ since ___________.
8  I’ve ___________ for ______________ .

Present perfect (I have done etc.) and past simple (I did etc.) Units 18–20

19 Present perfect or past simple? Complete the sentences (positive or negative). (Настоящее совершённое и простое прошлое время? Закончите предложения.)

1  A: Do you like London?
    B: I don’t know. I haven’t been there.
2  A: Have you seen Kate?
    B : Yes, I saw her five minutes ago.

3  A: That’s a nice sweater. Is it new?
    B: Yes, I _______ it last week.
4  A: Are you tired this morning?
    B: Yes, I ______ to bed late last night.
5  A: Do you want this newspaper, or can I have it?
    B: You can have it. I ________ it.
6  A: Are you enjoying your new job?
    B: I ______ yet. My first day is next Monday.
7  A: The weather isn’t very nice today, is it?
    B: No, but it ______ nice yesterday.
8  A: Was Helen at the party on Saturday?
    B: I don’t think so. I ___________ her there.
9  A: Is your son still at school?
    B: No, he _______ school two years ago.
10 A: Is Silvia married?
     B: Yes, she ________ married for five years.
11  A: Have you heard of George Washington?
      B: Of course. He ________ the first President of the United States.
12  A: How long does it take to make a pizza?
     B: I don’t know. I ________ a pizza.

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